1000 Abaddalu Review and Rating



Release date : 15 August 2013
Director : Teja
Starring : Sai Ram Shankar, Ester Noronha

Satya(Sai Ram Shankar) is the owner of an advertising company. He happens to fall in love with Satya (Esther), who shares his name. But he comes to know that she is already engaged. Following his heart, he plans to woo her with the help of his friends. He cooks up a lot of lies and finally ends up marrying her.
Just when everything seems to be going fine, the wife realises that she has been duped with a lot of lies. The couple go through major problems and get separated.
Will Satya cook some more lies to bring his wife back ?Or will he win her heart with his true love. That forms the story.

Plus Points:-

Naga Babu is the biggest asset of the film. He plays the role of Tower Star, a lover boy who is madly in love with Esther. Though he does not have a major role, he manages to entertain whenever he appears on the screen. His comedy timing is awesome and Teja has exploited it to the best.
Sai Ram Shankar has done a decent job. Comedy is good in places, especially in the second half. Some scenes, where Sai Ram Shankar woos the heroine with lies, have been executed nicely.

Technical Aspects:
Teja always manages to extract decent music from his music directors. Even in 1000 Abaddalu, the music is quite OK. Two songs in the first half are good. Camera work is nice, especially in all the song sequences. Dialogues written for Naga Babu are hilarious. Teja’s direction is mediocre in this film.

Fianl Says:-
Though Teja always says that he wants to make ‘different’ films, he ends up making routine flicks. 1000 Abaddalu can be watched only for Naga Babu. Otherwise, there is nothing much for the viewer in this film.


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1000 Abaddalu Review and Rating , 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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