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Ravi (Allu Arjun), is is a middle class guy who always love to have easy money. Ravi takes Rs10,000 from his father (Tanikella) promising him earning Rs One lakh in two hours leaves the house to go to a betting pub. Bittu(Sonu Sood) who also loves to earn quick money plans to loot Rs 1500 cr from a local bank in Vizag with the help of MLA Varada Rajulu (Kota).

While Bittu and gang are on their way to loot the bank, Ravi requests a ride and gets it from them. Ravi quickly realizes the gang’s motto but keeps it with himself and gets down at pub. When police commissioner raids the pub, Ravi discloses them about Bittu gang plan. Police commissioner along with Ravi locates the money truck. Realising the fact that police are behind him, Bittu brother Shafiq hides the money in dump yard before gets killed by Ravi in an effort to save the police commissioner.

Meanwhile, Madhu (Ileana) who works in a Brammaji’s travel agency. Ravi happens to meet her when he comes to Hyderabad to escape from Bittu. He falls in love with her at first sight. In Hyderabad, he stays in Rajendra Prasad’s house and with his help he tries to impress Ileana. Then, Bittu who was arrested by police escapes the jail and on the lookout for Ravi to take revenge. Rest of the story is all about ego clashes between Ravi and Bittu before locating the stolen money and whether Ravi succeeds in his love or not.


–>Laksha rupayala lottery ticketni kooda kastapadi sampadinchina okka rupayithone konali
–>After all Cigarette packet meedhey “nannu thaagodhu, potharu” ani raasinappudu, naalantodu “nannu kelakodhu, chastharu” ani cheppakapothey ela?
–>Bayam vestundhi ani horror pictures chudatam manesthama amma, adhi oo bad habit, veedu anthey
–>Tellaragatle kodi kuda legustundhi emi baagu padindhi? chicken vandukuni tinestharu
–>Manaki telisina pani free ga cheyakudadhu, manaki raani pani try cheyakudadhu
–>Middle class life naa valla kadhu, kodithey okate dhebba, life motham settle ipovali
–>Mari violent ga unnadu, puvvulni ammayilani chupinchandi ra –>Logic lu evaru nammaru..andariki magic le kaavaali. Anduke mana desam lo scientist la kannaa baabaa le famous
–>Neeke talanoppi teppinchadu ante aadu amrutanjanam amma mogudu ayyuntadu
–>karuvu vachina country ki ambassador laga vunnavu (Allu Arjun says to Ileana)
–>Nenu vadi fan, naa hero eppudu top lone vundal


As in many of his previous films, Allu arjun’s performance is very energetic in this urban youth character. Along with that, he has a great change over in his acting in some key scenes. His comedy timing is mind blowing. His dances are energetic and fights are awesome. He tried his level best to utter the one-liners with ease. He almost succeeded at all the places.
Ileana as Madhumathi was cute and glamourous resembles Bhagamathi from Jalsa. Her cute acting will definitely steal the hearts of youth.and both look awesome on screen with good chemistry. other characters are perfect in their roles. Her action near the interval scene is good. .
Rajendra Prasad’s character is as usual. He had done it many times in the past. his comedy and timing is excellant, we can see his real comedy after a long time.
Brahmanandham and Hema pair as Babai and Sujatha created some laughs again.

SonuSood as Bittu is perfect as a baddie.
Ali did not get much scope, except in two scenes
Thanikella Bharani, Kota Sreenivasarao made justice to their characters. There are many other artists in the film. Everyone filled the bill to bring out some laughter. Udaya Bhanu sizzzled in a one minute dance(laayi mein hoon julayi.song).

Technical aspects:

Behind the screen, Trivikram is the heart and sole of the film. Though he followed a simple and straight-forward narration style with no major suspense and no back-forth flashback narrations, he made it clear right from the beginning. He properly tunes the audience mind when the initial voice over is given in the beginning. His direction & screenplay are simply superb and he etched the lead characters such that more than man power, it’s the brain power that has been used between hero and villain. His dialogues are excellent; they will definitely come along with us from the theaters. They are very funny yet thought provoking. For the 1st time we will be hearing some double meaning dialogues from Trivikram.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad’s album is already a huge hit and background score is nothing less than that. Cinematography is excellent and brought fresh look for the film. Editing is crisp. Production values are of top notch. Dance choreography is good in three songs and visuals are awesome in two songs. Action choreography & art direction are as required.


Julayi comes as complete family entertainer, which can easily connect to youth audience. Its range will depend on how well mass B, C Center audience receive it. For a common B, C center audience, this movie might need a repeated watching to get complete idea over the movie, because of multiple twists. This might be a bit on negative side. No, doubt you will definitely enjoy the movie. The movie takes off well in first 20 mins with series of comedy episodes the first half entertains while coming to second half with multiple twists and some lag in narrating the movie slows a bit and 2nd half look average. The entire film flows like a smooth fluid from the beginning to the end.


–>Trivikram’s Screenplay and punch dialogues
–>The entire love track between Arjun and Illeana.
–>Songs (cinematography, choreography, performance)
–>Rolling titles at the end of the movie


–>Lag in narration in 2nd half, especially, the first 20 minutes after the interval involving the hospital scenes
–>Common or B,C center audience might not get complete idea over the film and might need a 2nd time watch


Trivikram has a winner on his hands. First half is breezy with very good comedy and the second half has good twists, despite some drags in parts. It delivers what is promised and what you expect. Watch it and it won’t disappoint you.

Rating: 3.5/5 – Hit is on the cards!

@Tollywood.heartjohn Rating  4/5

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