Pawanism It’s a Love

Pawanism, Pawanism Logo, Pawanism Symbol

Pawanism- -It’s a Love

Pawanism, Pawanism Logo, Pawanism Symbol

Pawanism!Its Not a Religion Its a Love , Many People Love the Pawan Kalyan as cinemas Hero. But So many People Love  Pawan Kalyan Due to His Attitude, Abnormal Human qualities, Relationships and Mainly His Humbleness.

From directors to actors to producers who worked with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, it has become a habit to describe their hero as a God. If a couple of producers and directors say this, we can write off it as an exaggeration. What if, the whole of Tollywood’s folks keep chanting the word ‘Pawan’, making ‘Pawanism’ the second religion of Telugu Cinema Industry. So Many Actors Rose to stardom only after imitating Pawan Kalyan in their initial movies And Many of Directors die to make movies with Pawan, because of his extreme down to earth nature. Even audiences love Pawan Kalyan from the bottom of their heart and that is the reason for his flop movies to recover the full investment. They say it is difficult to peel out the reasons behind this craze for Pawan, but his positive energy and helping nature are one of the facts that create vibrations in the hearts of his fans. Interestingly, this ‘Pawanism’ has fans of many heroes as its followers.

10 years before his movies IMPACT on us……from 10 years the name PAWAN KALYAN IMPACT on us…….

I am always Proud to be a fan of Pavan Kalyan……

Zindabad Pavan Kalyan | Every Pawan Kalyan Fan

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