Ram Charan Zanjeer scene Rs 2 crore

Zanjeer Sets

Apoorva Lakhia

Zanjeer producers Apoorva Lakhia’s next claim to have spent almost Rs 2 crore for an action-packed scene in the film. fight sequence featuring South actor Ram Charan apparently required two months of research and planning time. Shot with as many as seven cameras, a huge set was created in Film City with almost 2,000 hutments and several cars in the backdrop. “The most difficult part about this sequence was coordinating it, as working with all the cameras in synchronisation became a humongous task. But Apoorva knew what wanted the scene to look like, which made the execution easy.”

Producer Sakett Saawhney says, The setting was that of a Dharavi slum and we had about 120 fighters and 300 junior artistes on the sets. We imported some rigged cars from Kuala Lumpur, especially for this scene and a special team of rally drivers was called in to supervise the sequence as well

Zanjeer Sets

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