Yevadu Censor Report Certified with ‘A’



Mega Power star Ram Charan’s ‘Yevadu‘ went through the censor formalities today afternoon .The movie was screened before Dhana Laxmi and her team at 3:00pm , the film has passed the Censor formalities in flying colors and came away with a ‘A ‘ certification with no cuts. Super Reports for Yevadu from Censor board as the Censor team praised the makers for – High levels of intensity & heroism at peaks in the film. The movie has lot of content to say, The graph of the movie picks up from pre interval and reaches peaks at climax in a 90 degree vertical angle. The main highlights of the film are fantastic dances, mind blowing fights ,good BGM from Devi and very good content with perfect screenplay. The length is about 2:28 hrs. Allu Arjun role is about 8-10 minutes. Overall, Yevadu is carrying very positive reports from censor. Yevadu search begins on 31st July.

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Yevadu Censor Report Certified with 'A', 9.6 out of 10 based on 14 ratings


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